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Welcome to Midnight Oasis

Midnight Oasis is a multi-player, online (chat and forum) role-playing game based within a fantasy setting (Excalibur, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons) versus a science-fiction environment (Star Trek, Star Wars, Matrix, Robocop). Our timeline is convergent (medieval to modern) and our inhabitants range from humans to those of the player’s imagination... elves, dwarves, demons, angels, vampires, unicorns, dragons, faeries... the list could go on. Role-playing is not an option, it is a requirement. This helps to create and preserve an enjoyable role-playing experience. Within the game rooms, players must stay completely "in character" (IC) at all times. We are aware that everyone likes to get to know the people they are gaming with as well as speak with friends and there are places, mostly private owned rooms, to speak and chat "out of character" (OOC) within the game. Everyone, old and new, has an effect upon the world of Midnight Oasis. Using your imagination, you alone choose your own fate. You choose whether to become the hero, the victim or even the villain. It is a world where players make the history and become the driving forces behind the evolution of the game as a whole. Players possess the ability to shape the world around them, making life exciting and constantly changing. The world never grows stale because you, the players, are continually altering and reshaping the environment. As a new citizen, it is sometimes hard to become involved in daily life and storylines. Do not become discouraged; keep in mind that every player within Midnight Oasis was once a "newbie”. Most residents are willing and able to help a "newbie" understand what is going on, do not hesitate to turn to your fellow players for assistance; of course, it is expected that you should also be willing to do your part by becoming familiar with the rules of the game. Ready to learn more, use the navigation menus to the left and read on